Have you ever been to a tournament and thought to yourself, “If I ran tournaments, I’d do this…” or “If I ran tournaments, I’d NEVER do that…”?

Well so did we, and we decided to create our own grappling tournament company that recognized the need for these improvements and implemented them at every event. The result is MMAC Grappling!

Our grappling tournaments are created and designed by grapplers, staffed and operated by grapplers, and enjoyed by grapplers of all ages and skill levels.

MMAC Grappling kickboxing classes

Now Come Experience The MMAC Grappling Difference!

  • Low registration fee

  • Low spectator fee

  • Free tournament pictures

  • Prize money offered for absolutes

  • XL custom medals

  • Championship belts for advanced winners
  • Fast and efficient bracketing system
  • Coaching and warm up mats surrounding the rings
  • First class setup
  • Built, ran and staffed by grapplers
  • Thicker, softer, custom built mats
  • Dedicated exhibition ring for absolutes