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How do I pre-register?2020-01-17T20:22:26+00:00

Pre-registration can be quickly and easily completed on this website to secure your spot within your division.

Please bring your printed confirmation (or pull it up on your smart phone) to the event and one of our staff will provide you with the information needed to weigh in.

How long is pre-registration open?2020-01-17T20:06:40+00:00

Pre-registration opens several weeks before the event and closes the day before the event (or the event’s early weigh-in).

Can I register in-person?2020-01-17T20:09:25+00:00

Yes! We do allow in-person registrations.  You can register the day of the event, or at the early weigh-in to save time on tournament day.

However, pre-registering online has an added benefit of receiving a discounted price!

How much does it cost to register?2020-01-17T20:10:52+00:00

Our registration fees as follows:

  • Kids (12 and Under): $79
  • Teens (13-17 Years Old): $79
  • Adult Women: $79
  • Adult Men: $89
  • Additional Division: $10
  • Spectator Pass: $10

Each age group has two divisions—Gi and No-Gi— both are included in your registration fee!

How do you score your tournaments?2020-01-17T20:31:22+00:00

Our tournaments are scored similar to traditional BJJ scoring with the exception of submissions or take-downs completed out of bounds.  To enhance competitor safety and their usage, these maneuvers do not receive any points, but rather may result in point-deduction, or even disqualification.  

To see the full scoring and tournament rules, click here.

What rules do your tournaments follow?2020-01-17T20:33:09+00:00

MMAC Grappling tournaments follow the same or similar rules as other tournaments.  Click here for our full rules and guidelines.  All participants, coaches, and attendees are expected to adhere to our rules.

Do I need a Gi to compete?2020-01-17T20:40:53+00:00

The tournaments are divided into two divisions—Gi and No-Gi.

A Gi is only required for participation in the Gi divisions.

No-Gi divisions require shorts and a well fitting shirt, clothes must be well-fitting to avoid impeding your opponents mobility.

All clothing must also be appropriately concealing.

I don’t think I will make weight—how can I change which weight class I will be in?2020-01-17T20:44:00+00:00

The best part about how we bracket our participants is that we put in the extra work to bracket on the day of the event, so you don’t have to worry if you made weight or not.

What is a Round Robin Tournament?2020-01-17T20:12:48+00:00

A round robin tournament is a grappling tournament in which each participant in a division faces off with every other person in that division, regardless of win or loss .   It is also known as an “All-Play-All” tournament.  The winner is based on who wins the most matches rather than elimination-style tournaments where once a competitor loses a match, they are no longer afforded another opportunity to compete.

What are Absolutes?2020-01-17T20:51:58+00:00

An absolute is a bonus division within the tournament that are open to varying weight and/or skill levels, depending on the particular event.  In some cases, “Open Absolutes” are held, which are open to all weight classes and skill levels.  Please see your event details for a list of absolutes.  Depending on the tournament, these absolutes may be Gi, No-Gi, or have opportunities to participate in both.  Absolutes may or may not be separated by gender.  It is important to note that in open absolutes a higher level of sportsmanship is expected. Open absolute divisions provide a valuable opportunity for grapplers of any experience to challenge themselves.

Are there cash prizes for winning?2020-01-17T20:53:17+00:00

Depending on the event, cash prizes may or may not be awarded to select absolute winners. Other prizes such as medals or trophies are typically awarded.

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